The Secret Fairy Society Valentine’s Day Edition is now on Toadstools Across the Glen!!!

Just as sooner follows soon, those silly fairies left their Valentine’s Day missive under my hydrangea bush and here it is – (blown up of course)  to read and enjoy!


Good News!! The Secret Fairy Society Newsletter Valentine’s Edition Coming Soon!

The wee, wickedly fun editors of the Secret Fairy Society Newsletter will be flitting by soon!

Valentine Valkyrie Fairy - Brunhilda

The Secret Fairy Society Annual Christmas Newsletter

Some instruction for those of you new to the newsletter:

This is the actual size - but I have enlarged it for you humans

Fairies tell time in “SOONTIME”. Everything will be soon, sooner, soonest, sooner rather than later, pretty soon, soon enough, kind of soon, real soon, as soon as possible, and as soon as necessary. The days of the week are Soonday, Moonday, Toosoonday, Wooday (this is the day most Fairies become engaged,)  Fromday, Humday (Fairies love to sing) and Someday. This will aid you in figuring out when things happen in Fairyland.

Well, here it is! Merry Christmas!!

Shhhhh!! Here is a preview of the Secret Fairy Society Newsletter

Preview of the Christmas soonthousand and nine edition

Here is a preview of the annual Christmas edition of The Secret Fairy Society Newsletter. This year’s guest editor is Miss Ell Toe.

Ooops! That is kind of small (well, it is a Fairy Newsletter!) I will put my magnifying glass over it so you can see it better…

There – is that better? Still too tiny?

Here it is!  But remember, the REAL newsletter is very small…

Be sure to check back on Christmas Day to read Breaking News, Coming Events as well as Fairy songs and recipes!