Some of My Crafty Ways

One of my favorite fashion plates
Dody Jane- Write From the Heart
Dody Jane- Write From the Heart
Lace and a Bonnet


fairy green 2017 5

fairy folio 3

5 thoughts on “Some of My Crafty Ways

  1. Hey Dody,
    Oh how I think of you often. Just wanted you to know that I still have my ephemera that you made me.years ago. It is hanging in my newly remodeled living room and I will always cherish it. I am so proud of your success in writing and for following your dreams. I loved “Betrothed”. Miss you. Beth

  2. Hey,
    I am a high school student and i am doing a project on the subculture of fairy people. It is really hard to find information on this subculture. If you know anywhere I can find a website about this or if you can tell me anything about this, I would greatly appreciate it!

    PS. The Fairy subculture is people who dress up like fairies and live in the woods and they have fairy weddings and stuff like that. Just incase this website isn’t about fairies. 🙂

  3. Ok–between this and the medieval journal, I am now a huge fan–and this is only the second page I have viewed from your blog. Love this!

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