5 thoughts on “Time for a Fashion Plate!

  1. I have an original print of this picture. Do you know the source of your image?
    I was hoping to find some cataloguing detail perhaps describing the details of the two outfits. Also I wonder why you refer to this as a Mourning dress? Is it the colour or was there some other reason based on the original image text? Just trying to learn as much as possible about the print which I intend to hang in my Regency house.

    1. Hello! I also own one of these prints. I believe this one comes from Ackermann’s Repository (here is a Wikipedia link – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ackermann%27s_Repository) This was a periodical that had at least two colored fashion plates in each issue. I do not own this particular issue in full. I only own the plate – which was cut from the actual magazine and sold separately. I think I read the mourning reference by looking at the actual magazine online somewhere – although I do not remember where. It may also have been the color, but I do think I read a reference to mourning. Most Ackermann plates are very colorful. Thanks so much for commenting here – All the best.

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