Time for a ‘SUMMERY’ Fashion Plate

It has been SOOOO hot this summer – looking at this should cool you down…

Things to watch for: Summer newsletter from ‘The Glen’ and a coming focus on authors Mary Stewart and Rumer Godden – I have been re-reading…

3 thoughts on “Time for a ‘SUMMERY’ Fashion Plate

  1. Hello Dody Jane – lovely picture and even more exciting to discover we have yet more literature in common – I’ve just discovered and read your entry on The Doll’s House. Rumer Godden was one of my favourite childhood authors – both her books for children and adults. I recently reread Black Narcissus and found it quite unsettling, I don’t remember feeling that way when I read it years ago. I need to reread some of the others. I remember that In this House of Brede was one of the first books to provoke my interest in convent life. I look forward to the upcoming focus on the authors you’ve been re-reading. Mary Stewart I always found difficult to read and get into, yet I was drawn to the idea and story of her. Is Elizabeth Goudge perhaps also another of your favourites? In anticipation! Karin

    1. Thank you so much for commenting on my little nothing post. Sometimes, I feel like I need to say something, but when I can’t put the words down, I resort to my fashion plates! I agree that Black Narcissus is dark, I bought the movie two years ago after having read the book years ago. My daughter took a course at Cambridge about Powell and Pressberger and the films they made and she loved Black Narcissus so I purchased it to watch with her. It is dark. My favorite Rumer Godden adult book is China Court. Kingfishers Catch Fire is also a favorite, even though it can also be unsettling in that you worry about the heroine decision making. I ADORE Miss Happiness and Miss FLower. I have taken to collecting Rumer Godden’s books and I feel she is a writer who deserves classic status. I am trying to re-read both the children’s and the adult books.

      I do like Mary Stewart. I don’t like all of her work. I am not terribly drawn to the Merlin stories. I prefer her early work, slightly mysterious with interesting heroines in dark, damp places. I am re-reading Thornyhold right now, it is my favorite. I have read Elizabeth Goudge, but so long ago! Green Dolphin Street and other early books. Another female 20th century author I adore is Norah Lofts. But, I think Rumer Godden is the most unique writer among them all.

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