3 thoughts on “Welcome to Well House Circle!

  1. Many thanks Dody for such kind words. I do hope that all your other blog friends do visit my blog, they are welcome, and I want it to be a community where people can exchange ideas, shape the content, and talk to each other as well as respond to my blogs.

  2. Hi Karin

    Managed to get your blog at the first try! Just posted the final installment of VBT & just had a note from Sw. N. to the effect that the French editor (for her (mental?)health) is only working on VBT corrections every other day. Alternative days she has been encouraged to spend in her garden! I think I could have been happy with a directive like that.

    The photo on your blog site is very lovely – is it the drive to the citadel next door perchance?

    Attended first summer school last night with Rachel Hawes -everything worked ok except that the gym has a very annoying echo, making it quite challenging to hear all but the most strident voices… Rachel did ok – session nicely paced and not too demanding. I saw Beverley & had a good chat with her after the class.

    The festival weekend has stirred up all kinds of things I had not thought about in years, leading me to look up all kinds of ballads that I like – the best one is by Yeats; with Keats a close second!

    I hope to hear from you before I leave for Scotland Thursday morning & hope all is well with you.


    1. Hi Sophie! I wanted to make sure you knew this comment ended up on my blog and not Karin’s – I am sure she will get this lovely message from you. Her new blog is lovely and I think we will all enjoy it. All the best…

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