4 thoughts on “It is never too late to be what you might have been…

  1. Now you’ve captured my curiosity – what changes? Do elaborate, or have I missed something obvious?
    Of course ‘it is never too late to be what you might have been’ – only ‘what you might have been’ will have changed too by the time you become it. You can’t capture past moments, you can only create your future.

  2. Got it! It’s been bubbling away in my brain ever since seeing it earlier. What a nice idea – a dialogue between GE and CB perhaps?

    1. No – but that is a fun idea. Actually, it is much more mundane. I made a banner and changed the ‘look’ – it is lighter and not as dark as the other theme. Although, I do enjoy making speech bubbles for the lovely ladies! How are you, Karin? Do you have a blog I can read? I am always so happy to see you here.

      1. Thanks for illuminating. Telepathy is at work. I don’t have a blog – yet…..but one will be coming. I am going to be educated on 1 June and hope to be up and running after that. I will certainly send you my details as it would be great to have you as a visitor. I am good – some exciting developments in the UK. More anon…Hope you’re well too.

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