“To Hear My Voice is a Temptation…”



I have been glued to Twitterfall all week reading the words of the Iranian opposition. When I stare at the dark screen of Twitterfall, and the rolling scroll of plaintive instructions, defiant calls for change and cries for help, I picture thousands of moths drawn to a bright light. They are beating their wings against the windows of the world and it is breathtaking.


Blogs like this one by Sheema Kalbasi are fascinating. I purchased her anthology of poetry, “The Poetry of Iranian Women” this week and it is incredibly powerful.


The Poetry of Iranian Women - Sheema Kalbasi
The Poetry of Iranian Women - Sheema Kalbasi


The Persian people have a rich history. All I can think is what a shame it is the world is so full of conflict. The Persian people have a history of tolerance and compassion. Cyrus the Great freed the Jewish people and gave the world its first Charter of Human Rights. 


“When he conquered Babylon, he did so to cheers from the Jewish Community, who welcomed him as a liberator – he allowed the Jews to return to the promised Land. He showed great forbearance and respect towards the religious beliefs and cultural traditions of other races. These qualities earned him the respect and homage of all the people over whom he ruled.”


The Middle East needs Cyrus today.


Click the links and read about him. 

One thought on ““To Hear My Voice is a Temptation…”

  1. I am sad, for what happened today in the 21st century to my country , the country which made the civilization. ! 4000 BC we had ZOROASTER with a great philosophy ,Good Thought , Good words Good deeds, and this Poem is all about his philosophy in his book (GATA) , This is our book , We are Persian and our nation is Arian , Islam is not made for us,

    A millennium before Christ,
    Nations at war.
    Man rootless, in disarray.

    You, Zoroaster, a mighty Aryan,
    A leader unfeigned
    Bestowed the light of wisdom
    Upon worthy Persians.
    Your everlasting gems
    Became a mantra on their lips.

    Your good thoughts made fecund the barren land.
    Your gentle good words
    Brought remorse to the evil man
    As your good conduct enlightened most
    To lead life in harmony.

    Know that wisdom lies in Ahoora’s soul1
    In Ahriman, evil and tyranny reside2
    Think wisely,
    Eden is on Earth and it shall be yours
    Let Benevolence be a guiding light.

    Persians! Seek not Paradise in the after-life
    You did sing the Gatha3 melodiously;
    Aliens worship idols,
    Persians are enthused by Zoroaster’s wine.

    Zoroaster never said
    Holy Water is in Heaven,
    The enemy ends in Hell,
    That fate is beyond our control

    Nor by worship alone
    One becomes a worthy man.
    He preached Peace, not War
    Nor to become a slave by design
    Nor sacrifice your life for any man
    Your profound knowledge, Zoroaster
    Lifted the rust of Sorrow from the metal of our pain

    You preached Freedom not Slavery
    You brought Enlightenment to man and woman,
    Deeming them as equals.
    The twain became the blossoms and leaves of one tree,
    A tree to flourish in the universe.

    Zoroaster, you caste your words as iridescent pearls,
    That settled on Persia’s furrowed lands,
    To be worn as a necklace in auspicious times,
    To illuminate the journey’s path.

    You are the quintessence of Wisdom,
    The world has never known such a wondrous man.
    We are Aryans by race; we merit no guidance but yours.

    Simin embraces no other creed.

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