The Laurel Chain Tradition at Mount Holyoke College

I just returned from my daughter’s graduation from Mount Holyoke College. Mary Lyon founded the college in 1837 to promote female scholarship. Emily Dickinson studied there for a time. In the Laurel Chain tradition, the alumnae and graduating class process in a parade to Mary Lyon’s grave. The seniors carry a chain of Mountain Laurel and wrap it around the iron fence which surrounds the grave. It is a a sight to behold. Truly beautiful and terribly moving…

3 thoughts on “The Laurel Chain Tradition at Mount Holyoke College

  1. Dody, this turned out so well! The photos are beautiful, and I love how you transitioned from one to the next. Your daughter must have been thrilled to see this!

    1. I’m so glad you liked it, Donna! I loved making it. Mount Holyoke has some wonderful traditions. Both you and my daughter are fortunate to be alumnae. I spoke to several alums on Laurel Chain day and everyone has such a connection. It is much better than a co-ed Homecoming. It was a wonderful weekend.

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