Easter Lamb


Is it a lamb or a Bichon?
Is it a lamb or a Bichon?


I made my traditional lamb cake today. Somehow, he turned out to look suspiciously like a bichon frise. A very funny friend of mine commented on lambie – she said “Oh, Lamb of cake take away the carbs of the world.” I answered her, “And grant us a piece.” 

I love the Episcopal liturgy. I mean no disrespect. But, it really is funny.

OH! Time for a fashion plate! This lovely lady is wearing her cross and has on her Easter bonnet… with all the trim upon it… could she be getting ready for the Easter parade?


Time for a Fashion plate! Easter Bonnet ...
Time for a Fashion plate! Easter Bonnet ...

2 thoughts on “Easter Lamb

  1. Oh, this is lovely! You’ve done a marvelous job on this site, Jane, and I applaud you! These were some of my favorite characters when I grew up, and I have actually amassed a huge number of full novels with illustrations in e-book form pdf file format. It took hundreds of hours to compile the e-books from online text libraries, to correct the text and punctuation problems, and to locate the old illustrations that are scattered across the Internet, but they were worth every moment! I treasured my old original novels, but somewhere in many moves, the paper and cloth books were lost, and I had to rebuild my library.

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