Reader, I blogged him…


One of my favorite current events blogs is ALTHOUSE. Ann Althouse is a Law Professor and champion blogger. I like her because she is honest and it seems to me she is real in the sense that no issue is ever completely black and white.  Plus, her live blogs are very fun and her commenters are articulate and smart.

Apparently, Ann and her commenter, Meade, have fallen in love and will marry soon. Cyber love. It’s not just for E-Harmony anymore! The New York Times has picked up on this 21st century love story and for all of Ann’s faithful, this is just flat out fun. The NYT’s cleverly makes the comparison to Gothic Romance and one of MY favorite novels, Jane Eyre. 

So, I have Photoshopped Ann into a Fashion Plate! Yes, it’s time for a Fashion Plate!!! 

Ann Althouse as Jane Eyre
Ann Althouse as Jane Eyre



I give you Jane Althouse Eyre… Reader, I married him…

(Thanks for clicking the link, Althouse readers!!)

Molly thinks Jane is too flouncy, probably. But I was thinking more along the lines of the Charlotte Gainsborough movie version (Jane Eyre, 1996’ish) and the dress she wore. Anyway – Molly has a really nice blog – check it out!

One thought on “Reader, I blogged him…

  1. Ooh, thanks for the link! Your blog is just great. I also would love to visit the Brontë parsonage, especially to see how beautiful Yorkshire is myself. I haven’t completely immersed myself in 19th century ephemera yet, but the plates and things you have are awesome.

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