Pandora – Put a Lid On It…


Pandora's Box - Arthur Rackham
Pandora's Box - Arthur Rackham

We watched “Tropic Thunder” last night. We watched it to the end with our jaws hanging down to our navels. This was a conscious decision, because we wanted to make sure we knew with certainty how far we have come as a society from any limits of good taste. My advice: do not watch this movie. Just as Knocked Uprocked me as an example of the decline on our collective morality, this movie confirms my belief that Hollywood should be ashamed of itself. While the great movie moguls of the early 20th century decided to produce pro-America films which helped create our sense of national pride during WWII, Hollywood is now devoted to ripping down any shred of dignity or right and wrong the old boys created.


While “Knocked Up” made a joke out of casual sex and out of wedlock birth, this film denigrates human dignity further under the guise of making fun of Hollywood. I suppose that makes it ‘okay’. Certainly, this notion of the open mindedness of Hollywood; letting a filmmaker create ‘satire’ which denigrates the very industry he ‘works’ in, seems to be the very epitome of open minded liberality. But that just magnifies the problem. When will too much be too much, no matter how tongue in cheek?

Consider me a former fan of Ben Stiller. I will never watch “Meet the Parents” again on HBO or DVD in protest. The Robert Altman movie, The Player”, did a much more subtle job of showing what all of us on the outside with our noses pressed to glass already suspect: Hollywood is a big hunk of rotting meat stinking up our sense of self worth and dignity. They have turned everything topsy turvy.

But Tropic Thunder is a bridge too far, to use a war metaphor for this movie about a war movie. Gratuitous violence and gore is something to be not only tolerated, but embraced, hee hee. With “Knocked Up” it was casual, hook up sex and okie dokie, cutesie wootsie, out of wedlock birth that was in your face, ‘I dare you to even as much as blink your disdain’. As a result, single women having eights babies paid for with disability payments with no means of visible support is taken matter of factly.Quick! Get Ann Curry in there to interview the Angelina Jolie look alike! In “Knocked Up,” pornography is a right. Heck, the future deputy Attorney general of the US defended pornographers. No biggy.

I write this as one baying at the moon. The train has left the station, the genie is out of the bottle just to mention a few cliches. Pandora’s box is well and truly open…

4 thoughts on “Pandora – Put a Lid On It…

  1. Hollywood knows no shame. Their every move is condoned and sanctified in the press. I ranted about Madonna having children out of wedlock and the bad example she was setting for the legions of teenage girls who look up to her (for reasons unknown to me) and I was mocked as a relic from the past. Which I am, and proud of it!

  2. Then i say,what are the christians doing,the unbelievers are doing their thing let we the christians come up with our own to defeat theirs[hollywood].

  3. I hated Knocked up, I think we would agree that the worst thing you can do to anything you wish to honour is to laugh at it. How can people take pride in mocking themselves or their work? I am sick of it as well. But I must point out: there is no such thing as a “collective” will, only the social ballast of lazy minded people who lap up the made-up idea of a collective will. Every man is a single will, and it is sickening when a man with such a capability for greatness chooses to act as a mindless worm. This is what led to the wars of Christendom, Nazi (National Socialists), and the USSR.

    It is this anti-man, pro-collective ideology that pervades liberal as well as old-conservative thought. I am sick of that more than I am of hollywood “unbelievers.” If you don’t believe, if you don’t KNOW man’s greatest asset is his individual mind, than just like the liberals, you lay the way to the destruction of mankind.

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